Crime In Marina

What is is the largest, most comprehensive crime mapping website in the world. The law enforcement agencies of Seaside PD, Salinas PD, Monterey County Sheriff’s Department, Capitola PD, Greenfield PD, Gilroy PD, Morgan Hill PD, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, San Jose PD, and now Marina PD, all partner with to show accurate, official, and up to date crime information.

In order for a Police Department to have crime data shown on the website, an annual fee must be paid by that department. The city of Marina pays $1188 a year for this service. is an online crime mapping and analysis service that automatically uploads crime information, every 24 hours, from the Marina Police Department’s Records Management System. The system then places graphical markers on a Google-based map showing where crimes have occurred. The map also shows the locations of local sex offenders provided by the Megan’s Law Database.

Viewing the map is a free service, and can be viewed by the citizens of Marina as well as by the Marina Police Department to see where crimes have occurred. The data shown on the map could be used by citizens to make decisions about areas of the city they care most about. Things like where to purchase a home or where recent thefts or vandalisms have occurred. Keeping citizens informed about crime in their area helps them be more vigilant and implement crime prevention efforts in their homes, workplaces, and communities.

The Marina Police Department can use the data shown on the maps to not only see crime hotspots, but also possibly predict where certain crimes may occur. For example; an officer may see that several stolen vehicles have been recovered in a certain area. The officer may then decide to increase patrol in that area to catch a car thief in the act.

Once on the website, the user can drag the map to show a particular area of the city, including a specific beat. As the map is moved, the crimes for the area shown on the screen are updated. The user also has the ability to show crimes for the last 3, 7, 14, or 30 days and can also choose which particular crimes to show. If the user clicks on a crime marker, details of that crime will be shown. The details include the type of crime, the date and time the crime occurred, and the Marina Police report number. It will allow for the user to send the crime details to a friend via email. The user also has the ability to submit a crime tip to the Marina Police Department about a crime and remain anonymous.

The citizens of Marina and Marina Police Officers can also sign up for a free account to have crime statistics emailed to them on a regular basis. is available by going to the website through the direct link below, and is also available using a smartphone application available for the Apple IPhone.

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